Your First Defense In Restoration Preservation

Clinical observations show that composite restorations accumulate more bacteria on their surface than teeth or other restorations, causing the surface to become rough and lose its shine. Nobio technology kills bacteria that come in contact with the restorative material, which could lead to more successful and esthetic restorations in the long term.


Universal Bond System
Exhibiting Nobio’s technology, the Infinix Universal Bond System provides a proven antibacterial cavity cleansing effect. It is a universal, light-cured prime and bonding system that provides strong adhesion between enamel, dentin, and all types of restoration materials. The inclusion of Nobio’s technology makes it a revolutionary new way to offer your patients a long-lasting restoration.
Flowable Composite
The Infinix Flowable Composite is a one-step light-cured flowable with low viscosity. It can be used for Class III and V restorations. It is ideal for a base and liner in direct restorations as well as for a pit and fissure sealant. Perfect for procedures when compromise isn’t an option.
Bulk-Fill Flow Composite
The Infinix Bulk Fill Flowable Composite is ideal for posterior restorations when failure is not an option. Infinix stands alone in its unique formulation.
Universal Composite
The Infinix Universal Composite is a light-cured high viscosity universal composite restorative that is suitable for Class I through Class VI restorations. It offers outstanding performance across a variety of conditions, without sacrificing clinical performance.