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Whats your Digital IQ?

CIO Dashboard published an interesting article based on a recent survey by PWC of 1,500 business and technology executives about a companies ability to understand, value and mesh technology across their enterprise. Only 20% of those surveyed were confident of their companies Digital IQ. Typically CEO’s are the champion of attempting to harness IT to achieve business goals.
For smaller businesses that we talk to on a daily basis typically struggle without the resources and manpower and turn to specialists such as Infinix to augment their strategy formalization, implementation and execution of  technology adoption. Below are some key learning to help improve your growing businesses Digital IQ by fostering and adopting some of the best practices to become more competitive.
These 5 key best practises were orginally published by CIO Dashboard where you can read the full analysis. 5 Behaviors of Digital Performance.


1. CEO is the Digital Leader


2. CMO and CIO are Collaborative Partners


3. Innovation is Driven from the Outside-In


4. IT is Fast, Flexible and Future-minded


5. Digital Capability is Distributed across the Business


If you want a better understanding of your small business Digital  IQ and explore ways in which to improve your companies business performance through technology feel free to contact us for a free review of your business goals.