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The New Cloud Database Wars

Perhaps the nature of nature of the cloud computing has not disrupted any technology more than Databases, the plethora of options now available, often each catering to a different niche need means these days companies have the option of deploying different types of databases for different needs. Whereas before a single database was purchased that was then adopted across many departments, functions - in today's world the fight for the right to be your database solution of choice is no a matter of evaluating and selecting from a relatively small batch of contenders. It is no longer a case of managing a single solution but monitoring multiple database solutions.

Along with this new reality come the challenges of monitoring and administrating multiple databases, SQL and No SQL alike and the many API's that they plug into. To over come this challenge a recent article from CloudTweaks  The Database Wars 2.0 takes a look at DataDog.

"Datadog is the perfect solution to the problem. Their industry-leading monitoring software enables IT, Operations and Development teams turn large quantities of data into valuable insights. The software allows for an overview of alerts, custom metrics, usage analytics, performance monitoring, issue tracking, cloud hosting, code changes and configuration management. With a wide range of integrations, the software easily aids companies fight Database Wars 2.0 – assimilating easily with Mongo DB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Riak and SQL Server, amongst others. The gathered information is presented on a customisable dashboard, letting developers and system administrators easily collaborate to understand their systems and improve its performance."

If your IT department is suffering from multiple cloud based database deployments? You may be struggling to monitor your systems and servers effectively?  Let us know and we can help you explore your options including DataDog.