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Call us today on 1 800 917 6560

IT Project Management

Your complete outsourced IT department. Benefit from the latest enterprise level technology and market leading, true 24/7 IT support.

Infinix's Managed Support delivers your organisation a complete IT department. Say goodbye to your technical worries with our market leading IT support. Unleash the latest productivity boosting technology to improve your organisation’s efficiency. Let us take full responsibility for your IT – supporting, resolving, liasing with third party suppliers, and keeping you informed every step of the way; while you concentrate on doing what you do best.
No hidden costs or nasty financial surprises, guaranteed! Managed Support is billed on a straight forward, all inclusive monthly basis, enabling you to plan ahead and ensuring you get the best return from your IT investment.

Helpdesk Support

Central to all our support services is our true, live 24/7 helpdesk service. No recorded messages or endless loops of nauseating canned music, just responsive, friendly human assistance on hand, whenever you need it.

Always In The Loop

Our clients are kept constantly up-to-date from the moment a case is raised right through to its successful resolution.

Ensuring Best Practice

A comprehensive framework of IT services best practice ensures our support engineers deliver a consistent, world-class service.

Truly 24/7

Day and night, 365 days a year, our experienced support engineers are on hand to rapidly assess and solve support issues using our award winning technical platform.

Remote Support Tools

We use a variety of remote support tools ranging from client instigated screen sharing to direct access secure IP KVM tools.

Obsessed With Service  

We are a customer focused employer and our Helpdesk service is backed by our own Service Level Agreements, and our commitment to delivering the very best IT services.

Great Service, Guaranteed! 

Nothing is left to chance. Cast-iron Service Level Agreements ensure Helpdesk support cases are prioritized to provide an appropriate level of response within a guaranteed time.

Onsite Escalation 

Whilst we will always endeavor to resolve issues remotely, there are some instances where an onsite presence is absolutely necessary. As a result, as part of your managed support service we will provide onsite engineers as and when required.

Managed Support Elements

Onsite Support


We will often recommend regular scheduled onsite visits by a dedicated engineer. These visits, at a frequency to suit your needs, put a human face to our helpdesk, and often result in higher productivity and a better relationship between your people and our IT function. Guidance for key software and processes can also be given during these onsite visits.
Managed Monitoring


Providing complete access and control, our award winning monitoring platform is at the heart of all our managed support services, enabling us to access, monitor, manage, upgrade and fix networks remotely.

Whether it’s your internal team using or monitoring platform alongside our support team or us managing the entire process on your behalf, with our monitoring platform nothing goes unnoticed!

Not only does it provide complete infrastructure visibility and management, it also ensures system health without interrupting your daily operations.

Case Management


We use a feature rich professional services automation solution, specifically tailored to deliver a seamless IT service desk experience.

Based on our experience in servicing our clients, Our Help Desk provides a  powerful workflow based solution that enables Infinix to deliver best value and efficiencies to our clients, providing  unrivalled flexibility and functionality in line with our service commitment and Service Level Agreements.



Live reporting is central to monitoring and maintaining the highest service levels across all of our managed IT support services. It also ensures we always maintain a strategic approach to the management of your account.

In addition to the live reporting available via our client portal, your account management team conduct quarterly reviews of all service reports to get an accurate gauge of performance and to identify any recurring issues for resolution.

Short Term Cover & Staffing


We provide flexible, on demand cover for any area of your IT operations. Make sure your workflow isn’t interrupted by holidays or sick leave, or leverage our staff base to accelerate projects or boost productivity. We can also provide carefully chosen engineers and product specialists on a long term or project basis, reducing your training and employment costs.



Our experienced IT consultants can assist and support your IT team in any area, from managing a procurement process, designing solution architecture, project implementation, training, mentoring or management support. Taking the time to understand your business objectives and IT system, our IT consultants will ensure that you can make informed decisions aligning IT with your wider business goals.

Project Services


Access a full suite of IT project services delivered on a flexible, on-demand basis by your IT manager, expert engineers and solution specialists. Helping you to implement projects, from back up & disaster recovery, cloud & hosting to system migrations and email management solutions. Secure your network with our managed security services, and design, consolidate and support your business applications.

Set Up


As part of the account set up process we conduct a comprehensive audit of your IT systems, physical infrastructure and 3rd party supplier agreements, with the creation of a detailed plan for on-boarding.

The infrastructure audit is led by our market leading auditing software, Kaseya, with our consultants also conducting extensive interviews with stakeholders and users to map and fully understand the human dimensions of your IT system and your business requirements.

Engineering Team


We know our support service is only as good as our support staff. Smart, highly motivated and service obsessed, our highly experienced support engineers are also backed by a team of specialist gurus, whose in-depth technical knowledge and extensive industry experience allows them to resolve the most complex issues.

IT Roadmap


Your IT roadmap is a strategic document which illustrates the current state of your infrastructure and maps out your future objectives, recognising the specific business drivers that will shape your IT strategy for the coming year. Your IT roadmap is a fluid document, which is continually updated as your organisation evolves and technologies change.

Account Management

Your dedicated Account Management  team is personally responsible for ensuring we deliver you the best possible service. Our unique approach gives you a dedicated team to supplement your requirements exactly where you need us to.

Each team works with clients that share similar support and technical requirements. This enables us to deliver the most appropriate services and solutions to our clients.
Proactive and Responsive
Your Account Management team meet regularly to review service levels and discuss any issues and upcoming activity. Driven by a wealth of live data and reporting, your Account Management team proactively coordinate and manage your account. Collaborating at the degree you require us to, we concentrate on delivering exactly what your IT team needs, when they need it. Whenever necessary your Account Management team will be involved at a case level to manage case escalation and the mitigation of risk.

IT Manager

Your IT Manager oversees the strategic aspect of your IT support and managed services. They drive all consultancy, developing a combined strategic roadmap, coordinating internal teams to provide your internal IT with the necessary tools to deliver.

Client Advocate

Acting as your Professional Assistant within Infinix, your Client Advocate schedules resources, handles all customer service issues and billing enquiries on demand. They are the lynchpin that coordinates and supervises your assigned support engineers or project teams.

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