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Call us today on 1 800 917 6560

Voice Services

An integrated, fully supported suite of Hosted IP communication core solutions with smart overlay applications

Our comprehensive range of cutting edge Hosted IP communication core solutions and overlay applications deliver key benefits, including reduced telephone bills without compromising on call quality; access via existing handsets and commonly used computers and mobile devices, so no need to buy or manage expensive infrastructure; improved user productivity with easy-to-use applications and enterprise level advanced call features; disaster recovery and business continuity; full support from our 24/7 technical helpdesk, as well as consultancy and product training services.

Cloud Telephony

Our Private Cloud Telephony solutions enable you to access the next generation of enterprise level voice communications simply and securely. Integrate existing MPLS or VPN networks with bespoke TOS/Diffserv packet marking to classify and prioritise traffic flow.
Easy incorporation of satellite office and remote workers and secure calling between corporate and public addresses. All Private Cloud Telephony services are delivered with the backing of water-tight Service Level Guarantees and compliance measures.

SIP Trunking

A sophisticated SIP Trunking solution which provides voice, video and media application streaming via a  SIP-based private branch exchange. Our SIP Trunking solution is the most advanced on the market, allowing class 5 services and the possibility of a smooth transition to a fully hosted IP Telephony service.
In addition to the core Hosted IP Communication service, there are a series of application overlays which can be easily integrated according to your requirements.

Mobile Office

Mobile Office is an enterprise grade softphone solution that enables you to manage your communications easily and efficiently with a suite of applications for Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad. Replacing or complementing your hard phone, MobileOffice softphone is designed to boost efficiency and promote professional call handling with powerful features, such as click-to-dial, zero-touch remote provisioning, LDAP/Active Directory integration, messaging and voicemail integration and full support for plug-and-play HID compliant devices.

Business Assistant

Suitable for corporate, SOHO and road warriors, Business Assistant is a feature-rich and easy to use desktop toolbar that is integrated into our Hosted IP communications platform. Fully compatible with MS Outlook, Internet Explorer and key browsers, the software is designed to promote professional and efficient call handling and provides features including conference call, call transfer and retrieve and voicemail, a call history list, caller identification from directories and click-to-call and right-click to dial from email and webpages.


An easy to use, feature rich desktop application that works with desktop phones, softphones and mobiles, allowing an operator to efficiently manage incoming calls. It includes a wealth of call control, queuing and directory features and supports line monitoring status, directory searching and advanced call management functions, including camp on, call park and conferencing capabilities. It is fully integrated into our Hosted IP communications platform and is available as an Enterprise edition, allowing support for any size organisation.

Call Recording

Call Recording is a hosted application service that seamlessly integrates with our SIP Trunking and Hosted IP communications packages. Call Recording is flexible and scaleable and can be assigned to users via our self-service portals, providing a wealth of features and storage options. All features meet with PCI and FSA compliance standards. Advanced features include on demand recording so users can decide to record at any time during the call, administrative call record control and monitoring, intuitive annotation and intelligent statistics.

Call Centre ACD

Call Centre ACD offers a flexible hosted service with unified front-end provisioning for all the requirements of a modern call centre. Call Centre ACD allows easy web-based administration and includes advanced call centre features that reduce operational costs and improve caller experience, such as call distribution and overflow to a predefined number, multiple voicemail, advanced call diverts, caller identification and CRM integration. It can be used to support remote users and multiple call centres, as well as multi-site or ‘Virtual Call Centres’ with agents in separate geographical locations.

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