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Call us today on 1 800 917 6560

Network Penetration Testing

Enhance your risk assessment activities with in-depth vulnerability tests

Protection from internal & external threats

Penetration testing is a highly effective way to uncover, assess and resolve weaknesses in your infrastructure, protecting your business from malicious intruders looking to capitalise on vulnerabilities.

Security breaches are known to result in significant direct cost and damage to both customer and internal confidence. Protecting customer and your own critical data has never been so complex and industry regulation such as Sarbanes Oxley, PCI and HIPAA often mandates comprehensive annual security auditing of customer data environments via penetration testing.

However, conducting security testing against elements of critical IT infrastructure, particularly for Internet-facing systems, should simply be considered a best practice - even if you are not industry-regulated. Breaches can result in significant financial penalties , not to mention the damage to your brand and customer confidence.

Evolving, responsive security

Security threats are constantly evolving. Infinix works with you to address identified weaknesses and improve your security as part of a continuous process - our network security specialists will help you to interpret testing results, prioritise and implement solutions and plan for increased levels of protection.

More effective risk management

Infinix’s approach is designed to help you identify critical vulnerabilities, support your risk assessment activities and work with you to develop appropriate protection systems. This translates into evolving security that responds to new threats and protects your systems, information and reputation - hence protect your business.

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