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Call us today on 1 800 917 6560

Delivering increased bandwidth, supporting faster application deployment & reducing network operating costs through the use of intelligent VPN's

Affordable, reliable carrier-class connectivity

IP VPN keeps you connected and collaborative, enabling you to exchange data at superfast speeds across your business sites. Whether you're linking a remote office or data centre to your existing infrastructure or establishing a brand new network, using IP VPN as your backbone gives you the flexibility to transform and streamline your connectivity as your business evolves, keeping costs aligned with usage.

Infinix's IP VPN service delivers carrier-class IP service reliability, providing connectivity between two or more locations via MPLS to securely and efficiently switch routed traffic through our backbone network at network at speeds from EFM through to 1Gbps.

The core IP VPN service comes with a range of access solutions and includes equipment supply, implementation, configuration and end-to-end proactive support and management.

Maximum flexibility, assured security

Partnerships with global telecommunication carriers enable Infinix to design networks with connectivity via a number of different carriers for maximum flexibility. We provide industry-leading solutions that assure high performance, security, scalability and interoperability.

Infinix’s IP VPN enables you to either use multiple firewalls and point-to-point leased lines as your traffic is routed within your own secure VPN. MPLS label-switched paths provide equivalent security to Layer 2 VPNs - additionally implement private IPSec tunnels and encrypt traffic to further enhance security. Or enable over the internet IP VPN access to your remote employees or business partners

Performance guaranteed

Infinix designed networks are supported via our SLA's. Via our customer portal, we deliver transparent, centralised monitoring of your entire network and access to live connectivity status reporting on your equipment. We also use the portal within our Network Operations Centre to proactively support your network.

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