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Call us today on 1 800 917 6560

Managed Firewall

Fortified defense at the perimeter of your critical infrastructure

Managed access, preventing network disaster

The ever-increasing web of Internet threats is the downside of always-on connectivity. Fortified perimeter security is your first critical line of defense against malicious attacks, keeping the unwelcome part of the outside world well away from your critical internal IT infrastructure.

Infinix's network security experts design and install security solutions that meet the most comprehensive enterprise grade requirements for growing businesses. We deliver, configure and support all managed firewall hardware, providing a secure, standardised software installation that is then customised with rules that you set as per your needs.

Continuous monitoring

Infinix monitors and manages firewall solutions located both within our data centre  and those located onsite at your own (or customer/partner)  facilities. Our proactive continuous service secures your environment and includes administrative tasks such as the replacement of faulty hardware, management of firmware revisions and the update of the latest security patches. 24/7 monitoring provides immediate alerting and response to potential threats or service outages.

Controlled change

If a firewall upgrade is required, it is discussed with you, planned, tested, formally signed off and carried out to an agreed schedule. This process ensures a consistent audit trail for your compliance requirements - emergency firewall upgrades can equally be carried out by Infinix as per your requirements to avoid a system outage.

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