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Call us today on 1 800 917 6560

Managed Storage

Enterprise-grade managed storage services on a predictable commercial model for Startups and Medium Size Business

Optimal security for your critical data assets

Exponentially growing data volumes place demands on businesses that can be expensive to maintain and resource-intensive to manage. A growing storage environment can absorb considerable investment in installation, configuration, power and cooling alone.

Infinix’s dedicated, private infrastructure delivers optimal levels of security with access to high performance data storage services on a consistent, predictable model, avoiding CAPEX investment in expensive storage devices and licenses.

Guaranteed performance

Infinix's range of platform, service and configuration options gives you complete control of expenditure against guaranteed performance. We design physical and virtual storage services that exactly match your current needs with the ability to scale to meet your future demands, all backed by our SLA's.

Infinix partners with industry-leading technology vendors to deliver cost-effective, efficient solutions that meet your specific requirements. You select the amount of storage required, the level of resilience and an appropriate back-up strategy; Infinix will then manage the rest at a predictable monthly cost.

Available, protected & effectively managed

Infinix’s managed storage service focuses on storage resource management, capacity planning, performance management and allocation. Our monitoring toolset is able to detect incidents based on a vast number of metrics and either report or effect appropriate resolution, depending on your requirements.

Storage services are provided across a range of tiers, from high performance to capacity-based and aligned to meet your business goals.

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