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Call us today on 1 800 917 6560

Managed Business Continuity

Maintain business continuity, recover swiftly & securely from the unpredictable: plan, design, test & evaluate

Connected, replicated, accessible

There's no shortage of risk when it comes to maintaining your business around the clock. Managed Business Continuity services enable you to access your business IT systems in the event of a serious failure or disaster, such as a virus, security breach, hardware or software issue, data corruption or force majeure.

Disaster Recovery is a critical element of any business' infrastructure stack but the cost and resource overhead required to support and maintain a robust system in-house can be significant. Connecting your infrastructure to Infinix's Disaster Rec platforms keeps your data and systems replicated off-site and available, decreasing risk, reducing cost and protecting your brand reputation.

Depending on your recovery requirements, Adapt offers a wide range of disaster recovery services from cold standby equipment in safe storage to hot, instantly available services maintained by live feeds from primary sources. For virtualised environments, Adapt works with solutions from vendors such as VMware and Symantec and leading storage replication technologies.

Planning for success

Adapt works closely with customers to create robust DR and disaster mitigation plans that are tested regularly to ensure fitness for purpose.

To ensure that your Business Continuity plan remains current, Infinix performs frequent reviews and updates. Our change management process identifies movement in your business requirements and technology environment, working with you to refine and adjust the plan accordingly so the impact of proposed change is fully documented.

Tried & tested

If left untested, failover equipment may be idle for years until it is suddenly called in to service. This carries with it the risk that some aspect of the equipment, or the procedures necessary to bring it in to live service, may have become inoperable over time. Infinix schedules regular disaster recovery tests to make sure all aspects of your service always remain ready for live operation.

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