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Call us today on 1 800 917 6560

Managed Database

Meet the evolving needs of your applications with high performance database infrastructure

Free your database specialists

Outsourcing the management of everyday database administration tasks enables you to refocus in house expertise to work on higher value, business-building projects & objectives.

Infinix monitors and manages the platform, infrastructure and replication of your database servers, ensuring you never find yourself unable to meet the evolving needs of your application environment. In the event of a disaster, data corruption or other problem, we rapidly restore your data to maintain business continuity.


Reduce costs, retain control

Administration accounts for a more than significant proportion of the total cost of ownership of your database systems. It is also extremely difficult for unspecialised database professionals to drive high performance from most commercial or open source systems, so extensive training is usually required for all programmers and users.

Our Database Administrators (DBA's) work closely with your project teams to contribute the specific expertise you need where database components form part of a larger project, such as an application deployment or optimisation exercise.

Availability, performance & freedom

Infinix’s specialist DBAs keep your systems running at peak performance in a stable and controlled environment with proven incident, change and capacity management processes. We offer 99.5% availability as standard with higher Service Level Agreements (SLAs) readily available for your more business critical systems and data.

Our database administration services are delivered by specialists in optimisation and management with deep seated skills across a range of leading products and operating systems. 

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