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Call us today on 1 800 917 6560

Managed Web Hosting Services

From a single rack to a private suite

Infinix delivers flexible data centre infrastructure perfectly aligned to your business needs however small or large. Designing, building and delivering solutions on flexible contract terms that meet your most specific requirements. Offering high quality, resilient space charged by the Amp or kW, working with Infinix removes the requirement for you to own, manage and support in-house data centre facilities.

At infinix we give startups and small to medium size business giving access to a network of Tier III+ specification sites, interconnected by high-speed, low-latency network capacity with access to multiple IP carriers.

All core sites come with resilient power feeds, dual UPS and comprehensive, sophisticated environmental monitoring - all part of the Tier III specification experience.

Infinix technical specialists help you to build the most appropriate environment for your servers and IT infrastructure, including:

  • - Caged private areas with enhanced security and three-phase power
  • - Custom builds
  • - Various power density options 

Strong security is critical to Infinix deployed data centres and colocation environments.

Our job is to help balance your security requirements against the need for rapid, straightforward access to your equipment. Your data centre services are monitored 24/7 by onsite building management systems. 

We offer IP connectivity from a wide range of network and service providers, enabling you to split your infrastructure across multiple sites for:

  • - Low latency applications requiring synchronous replication
  • - Disaster recovery
  • - Business continuity

Minimize the costs associated to resolve equipment issues:

Infinix's  data centre engineers are always first on the scene and ready to address hands-on needs when speed is critical. Ours services include  first line support and maintenance and can be upgraded to include more advanced services. These can be purchased flexibly on an as-needed basis or as part of a managed services plan.

Infinix’s highly experienced team of field engineers and partners are fully trained in cable management.

Our engineers design and build racks to specific requirements, ensuring data and power are run separately, matching cables to specific needs (including CAT5, CAT5E and CAT6) and most importantly, labelling and documenting the full infrastructure for ease of ongoing support.

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