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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

There's no shortage of risk when it comes to the 24/7 operation of a business. Failure can occur at any level, including internal and external systems, platforms, applications and operating systems, which can have a serious impact on customer experience. Loyalty can be lost in a moment and unavailable services can have devastating effects on your businesses credibility and ultimately, profitability.

Business Continuity is a critical element of any business' infrastructure stack but the cost and resource overhead required to support and maintain a robust system in-house can be significant.

Connected, replicated, accessible

Infinix’s Business Continuity solution enables you to access protected business IT systems in the event of a serious failure or disaster. Connecting your infrastructure to Infinix’s disaster recovery platforms keeps your data and systems replicated off-site and available, even after a disaster.

Standby resources are available via the fully resilient Infinix cloud, whether your primary servers are located on-premise, in private data centre racks or at an Infinix hosting facility.

Disaster recovery designed for you

Infinix works closely with customers to create robust business continuity and disaster mitigation plans that are tested regularly to ensure fitness for purpose.

Depending on your recovery requirements, we offer both dedicated and shared solutions to balance cost and availability requirements. Infinix offers both ‘cold’ (inactive) standby equipment and ‘hot’ (live) readily available services.

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