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Call us today on 1 800 917 6560

Cloud Storage



Data volumes continue to grow exponentially every year, placing demands on your business that can be expensive to resolve and resource-intensive to maintain - a growing storage estate can absorb considerable investment in installation, configuration, power and cooling alone.


Flexible storage environments are critical to the agile business. However, this flexibility must also satisfy your external pressures, such as industry regulation, standards and practices.

Consistent expenditure


Infinix Cloud Storage offers an on-demand alternative to traditional infrastructure models. It’s quick to deploy and delivers rapid cost savings, providing flexibility and efficiency across all storage tiers – primary, backup and archive data.


Cloud storage gives you access to enterprise-grade data storage services on a consistent, predictable commercial model, avoiding investment in expensive storage area networks (SANs) and synchronous replication licences.


Guaranteed performance


Infinix's range of platform, service and configuration options gives you full control of expenditure against guaranteed performance. We design services that exactly match your current needs with the scale to meet your future demands, delivering to a cost per GB per month model and supporting up to continuous availability SLAs for dual-site, mirrored configurations.

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