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Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

The consequences of permanent or large-scale data loss are well-documented: loss of custom and reputation, breach of industry regulation – and working to repair the damage can be expensive and resource-intensive.

Backup systems are therefore one of the most important aspects of your IT network and should deliver rock solid reliability, as outdated or unfit systems that cannot meet your policies, requirements and timeframes represent a significant risk to your business.

Predictable per GB per month model

Infinix's Cloud Backup service delivers rapid backup and restoration of files across your systems, including all physical and virtual servers and storage devices.

Infinix Cloud Backup can be used to replace your existing backup infrastructure in its entirety or can be integrated into your current solution, providing a remote duplicate system for replication of backup data in case of a failure within your existing system.

We deliver 24/7 management, monitoring and support services as part of our standard BaaS solution on a per GB per month basis, so you only ever pay for resources you use. We also offer optional extras, such as data retention and retrieval services and application-specific backups (e.g. for Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server etc).

Enterprise-grade resilience

Whether your servers are located on-premise, in private racks in a data centre or at an Infinix hosting location, we offer a range of resilience options that balance control, cost and peace of mind.

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