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Call us today on 1 800 917 6560

Web Server

Your corporate websites are the public window into your world - but delivering great visitor experiences requires high specification infrastructure that is expensive to build, run, power, cool and maintain. Sites also require a certain level of expertise and skill set to configure and manage - and keeping them fully functional and accessible 24/7 is not always possible in-house.

Configuration flexibility

Infinix Web Server provides critical management and support of your web hosting environment across our range of cloud platforms, available in single, dual or multiple site configurations. Dual and multiple configurations provide high availability (HA) and, if required, disaster recovery (DR) services for the hosted website.

Dedicated to your hosting needs

Your virtual private web server gives you the privacy of a separate dedicated physical server on an on-demand model. This solution is more secure than shared hosting, delivering cost efficiencies in shared bandwidth and physical server management and maintenance.

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