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Call us today on 1 800 917 6560

Exchange in the Cloud

Enterprise-grade email infrastructure with flexible support

Your email system is the pulse of your business, enabling cost-effective, instant dialogue and collaboration between individuals and groups, regardless of location.

Delivering an enterprise email system in-house can be a complex and costly challenge, requiring high-specification servers that are expensive to run, a high level of expertise and time-consuming management, with additional ongoing licensing and security considerations.

Infinix’s Exchange solution delivers robust email infrastructure with flexible management and support, priced on a flexible cost per item or cost per user basis.

Fully managed Exchange services

Infinix supports, monitors and maintains the entire stack from hardware to software. Our flexible service allows you to either retain control of user account access or delegate it to Infinix, depending on your preference and business requirements.

Infinix’s solution includes all aspects of the build, management, maintenance, backup and monitoring of the Exchange Service.

Resilient, recoverable, accessible

Infinix provides a purpose-built private virtual data centre environment running Microsoft Exchange for each customer in either a single or dual site configuration. Dual DC configurations provide high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) for your Exchange services.

We customise each solution to meet your exact requirements, depending on the number of users, required availability and enabled features. The solution is then fully integrated into your own Active Directory, ensuring easy migration and single sign-on.

We hold your data securely and exclusively and offer multi-layered anti-spam filtering with continuous updates to help guard against spam and phishing threats.

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