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Call us today on 1 800 917 6560

Cloud Database

High performance, highly secure database services for your critical data


Your most valuable asset

Data is the backbone of your business and must be stored and accessed securely to comply with laws and regulations. Databases are complex and costly to configure, manage, monitor and maintain internally.
Infinix’s high performance Cloud Database solution is a managed service, offered on a pay-per-instance basis, that provides highly secure access to a database for the storage and retrieval of application data.

Reduce costs, retain control

Administration easily accounts for a significant proportion of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a database system. It is also extremely difficult for unspecialised database professionals to drive high performance from most commercial systems, so extensive training is usually required for all programmers and users.

Infinix’s on-demand database service delivers clear efficiencies both in terms of your internal resources and expenditure on a transparent commercial model that keeps you in control.

Availability, performance & freedom

Infinix’s specialist DBAs keep your systems running at peak performance in a stable and controlled environment with proven incident, change and capacity management processes.

Infinix offers 99.5% availability as standard for a single database instance. High availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) configurations with higher Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are also available for your more critical systems and data.

Cloud Database is offered on Microsoft Windows Server, Linux and UNIX operating systems and includes all aspects of the build, management, maintenance, backup and monitoring of the database.

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