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Call us today on 1 800 917 6560

Cloud Apps Desktop/Mobile



Instantly add a layer of mobility & agility to your working practices

Infinix Cloud Apps gives you complete control over your desktop environments.

Infinix delivers role-specific virtual desktop services that can be accessed by every one of your users regardless of location, from senior executives to call centre staff, securely supported from the same central administration.

Infinix Cloud Apps also enables your employees to bring their personal devices to work (BYOD) and connect them safely to the company network to access their information and applications, increasing productivity and promoting empowerment.

Delivered across Infinix's range of cloud platforms, the service is easy to trial from within your own corporate environment and delivers rapid ROI and benefits realisation.

Seamless delivery to any device

Access your applications, emails, documents and data simply and securely from any PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone, laptop or thin client - the choice is yours.

Our Infinix Cloud Apps solution blends powerful software and  infrastructure platforms with unique multi-tenant capabilities to deliver affordable, high performance desktop experiences that typically reduce VDI costs by around 30 - 40%.

Secure & fully managed

Infinix’s Cloud Apps solution is a fully managed virtual desktop service. We host and maintain your server operating system (OS), storage, the Infinix Cloud services application and access infrastructure, including backup, security and core upgrades. 

Some of the Cloud based applications we support

Don't see what your looking for? As this is a fast changing space please contact us to enquire if we support a specific application or service you are interested 

Office 365

Office 365 brings you tried and tested Microsoft Office collaboration and productivity tools delivered as a subscription service. Work easily from anywhere with cloud based email, word processing, web conferencing and calendars. Office 365 includes enterprise level security which is backed by Microsoft. Whether you are a small business or multinational enterprise, Office 365 offers scaleable solutions designed to fit your unique requirements and save you money.



SharePoint allows your employees to share ideas, create custom solutions for specific needs and access the right business information to make better decisions. It also helps cut costs, reducing training expenses by combining intranet and internet sites onto one easily accessible and unified cloud based platform.

Google Apps

Google Apps provides powerful communication and collaboration solutions for businesses of any size. All the applications are hosted securely online by Google with a straight forward setup process, minimum maintenance and low costs. Google Apps can help you communicate via email, video or messaging, schedule, organise and keep track of events, collaborate with colleagues remotely, and backup and store your data securely.  We can help you integrate the services into your business, improving efficiency and productivity. We also provide support and training.


A powerful and versatile CRM software solution delivered as a cloud service, providing instant universal access, predictable pay-as-you-go pricing and a financially backed service level agreement. Integrated marketing support, sales force automation and mobility features with full customisation and support for third-party plug-ins and apps.

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