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Pinup: SkyKick Application Suite Simplifies The Migration To Office 365

Pinup: SkyKick Application Suite Simplifies The Migration To Office 365


Microsoft Office 365 allows customers to pay a subscription fee and rent out Microsoft’s popular and effective Office applications, including Outlook, Publisher, and Access, plus the addition of OneDrive for online storage. Business editions of Office 365 offer online access to 3 additional products: Exchange, a calendaring software, Lync, a communications server, and SharePoint, which is used for online content management.

The cloud connected nature of Office 365 has many benefits; the software is automatically supplied with the latest updates, and programs can be accessed from anywhere. But migrating a business to Office 365 can be a frustrating and slow task. It takes a mid-size company (25 – 50 employees) an average time of 40 work hours to complete the migration, as this process sometimes includes over 200 separate technical tasks.

SkyKick is a Seattle-based startup founded in 2011 by Evan Richman and Todd Schwartz and was featured as one of 2014′s 10 innovative cloud based startups. The startup’s flagship product, the Skykick Application Suite, offers customers a fast and easy way to migrate to Office 365. SkyKick Application Suite simplifies the migration process and cuts the time needed to transition to Office 365 to just 1 or 2 hours.

SkyKick Application Suite is composed of 3 products: Web Planner, Migration Sync, and SkyKick Outlook Assistant.


Web Planner is the first program to use when migrating to Office 365. You plug in your email address and password to Web Planner and it determines your email server protocol, settings, and accessibility.  The program then analyzes and normalizes your email architecture and displays the results. Web Planner takes complex tasks that would usually require some programming knowledge to accomplish, such as cross-mailbox data migration and advanced email routing, and allows the user to complete these tasks with just a few easy clicks. Web Planner will also help you through the licensing process.

After you have completed the Web Planner process, Migration Sync will take your plan and use this data to migrate to Office 365. The DNS Sync feature of Migration Sync accelerates the DNS propagation across the internet and guarantees zero downtime.

SkyKick Outlook Assistant automatically sets up new Outlook profiles to use with Office 365. This program retains some of the finer details of your old Outlook profile, like address autocomplete and email signatures, so you won’t have to waste any time restoring these settings manually. SkyKick Outlook Assistant communicates with the processes completed in Web Planner and Migration Sync to ensure no data is duplicated.

By Adam Ritchie

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