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How to Manage Your Mobile Device

Mobile device management can seem like a hassle. Before it was just knowing how to distinguish between calls and texts. Now you can have a hundred apps that flood your screen. Managing your device depends on how you use it. Do you use it to play games, do business, check up on social media, or maybe all of the above? Then the answer is simple. Folders, folders, folders. A lot of mobile devices gives you the ability to have folders. This will clean up your screen and keep your apps organized in a way you understand. If you have a lot of apps then you might want to write them down on paper first.

The first step in creating your folders is to distinguish your apps from social media, games, and business. There may be other broad categories you have, those are fine too. An example or two of each would be: Twitter and Facebook for social media. Candy Crush and Temple Run for games. Finally, things like eBay or Amazon, or even things that help you manage a business that you have.

Those are broad categories. If you do not have that many apps, you may want to stop there. If not, time for more folders. First, social media. You probably do not need to have multiple folders for this but if you do, you can make folders into how you are connected to people. With Facebook and Twitter, there is a good chance of you knowing at least some of the people on your friends/ follow list. While sites like Tumblr or Instagram are more likely to have people you do not know following you.

Games can be organized by their genre or games that use real time for playing. Real time games have you do things that take time, like an hour or two (or even more). Cooking games, city games, and multi-player games often fall into this.

Last but not least, the business category. Again, this is more of personal opinion depending on the business. Things that are used for shopping can go into their own category. While things that you do to make money, manage or run your business can go into their own folder.

That’s not it for mobile device management. There are other settings that can be used to manage your device. There are ways to make your battery life last longer. This can be done by decreasing the brightness of the screen. Also if your device can run on both wifi network and data center tower, make sure you are connected to a network when possible. It will take less energy to run on a network than a tower.

A lot of apps give you notifications. Most devices will give you the option of turning off certain notifications. This will make it less annoying and can save on a little bit of battery.

All in all, mobile device management is a matter of opinion. Everyone uses their devices differently. This was just the basics of how to manage and organize things. Some devices offer different options that could be more effective left as-is, or you need to change the settings to make your mobile device more effective.


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