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Half of Internet Users Feel Exposed Online

According to CNET and a Pew Internet study half of all Internet users worry about the safety of their personal information online. That number is up from 30% in 2009 when Pew polled some 792 Internet users about browsing habits and their concerns about online privacy and anonymity.

Of course, it’s hard to remain anonymous when nearly 70% of adults report that their photo is accessible online, along with their birthday (50%) and email address (46%). Would you consider posting your personal cell number? 24% of people surveyed said they would – and do.

Small and medium sized businesses aren’t immune to the gaps in privacy that trouble casual users. Protecting a company’s critical assets is key to maintaining customer trust and loyalty. An out-of-the-box solution, while convenient, often does not address the vulnerabilities specific to SMBs. One popular anti-virus program in particular is ironically referred to as “the worst virus you can install on your network”.

Businesses seeking to curtail potential intrusion should focus on enterprise-class solutions that provide protection against all types of unknown malware, targeted attacks and Internet threats such as email worms, network viruses, spyware, data theft, email spam and malware. Reputable IT companies will offer more than a one-size-fits-all package. Look for the right level of security for your business, and management options customized to your organization’s needs.

Check out Pew Internet’s full report here.