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Cloud Infographic: Data Security Risk And Prevention

87% of  businesses with less than 50 employees experienced a security breach costing upto an average of $65,000 to remedy. How well prepared are you to manage your data security and can you afford not to pay attention? Cloud computing inherits the security issues pertaining in the technologies that it uses, which consists chiefly of the risk of a breach in the integrity or confidentiality of information. One security measure is encrypting stored data, but there are drawbacks with encryption and it does not always protect data.
When cloud services, it is very important that the service provider has the trust of his customer and he does not exploit this in any way. There is no way to be 100% sure of your cloud service providers being trustworthy. There are certain legal issues entangled with cloud security as well, because there are certain laws that cloud service providers should comply with and these laws vary from country to country. Users have no idea or control over where or in what jurisdiction their data is being physically stored over the cloud. Read CloudTweaks Article
Attached is an excellent infographic provided by ContinuityCentral covering security and prevention.
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