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Backup and Recovery: An Insurance Policy for Your Data

A flood might leave your office a wreck; a database corruption could leave your business in ruins. Backing up data protects against accidental loss of user information, hardware failures, database corruption and even natural disasters. But similar to insurance policies, not all backup and recovery systems are the same; be sure that the ‘insurance’ you choose is the right fit for your business.

  • On-site vs. Off-site. There is a lot to recommend backing up data to a remote service. You won’t have to buy or manage new hardware, pay for capacity beyond use, or lose any data in the event of an on-site disruption.
  • Compatibility. Look for solutions that can back up any number of platforms with just one client software installation to simplify setup, configuration, maintenance, troubleshooting and upgrades.
  • Scheduled backups or CDP? Many entry-level backup and recovery technologies rely on scheduled backups. For optimal security, look for systems that offer continuous data protection (CDP), immediate backups when wireless devices connect, database structure and content restorations, email mailbox reconstruction, unique data file backups and support of virtualized environments.
  • Bare metal restoration. If disaster strikes, can your data be recovered onto upgraded or new hardware? Most remote backup providers who do not emphasize this ability are unable to perform recovery of operating systems, applications, settings and data onto different hardware than the original.
  • Retention. How far back do you need to go – and how fast? Check your provider’s retention policies to see how long your data is kept, and the accessibility to archived data should the need arise.

Backing up isn’t just a matter of copying every piece of data to another server to minimize risk. The right backup and recovery ‘insurance policy’ should increase efficiency, reduce costs and provide peace of mind and support in the event of a loss.

Concerned about your business’s continuity in face of disaster? Make an appointment for consultation via email or by calling (888) 601-8390. Qualifying businesses can receive 6 months backup and recovery, installed on site, for free.