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The Advantages of Managed Services Support

Network managed services are services that unify business processes and global infrastructure, and employ multi-vendor environments. The different environments provide business customers the opportunity to choose from any vendor that they prefer. Based on indicators of performance, network services are controlled most of the time by service level agreements. The main goal of managed service is to focus on asset utilization, operational efficiency, and network quality. Most day-to-day services that are provided to customers include consulting, learning services, managed services, network roll-out, support, and systems integration.

Consulting services allow customers the chance to express what their needs may be, and to make day-to-day decisions to keep their business running successfully. Managed service support in consulting offers customers many options in receiving different products and services. Some of the different types of consulting are operational consulting, strategy consulting, and technology consulting.

Learning services in network managed services help customers to secure the right skills in planning and operation of daily activities. Managed services support is always included in telecommunication services provided to customers. Network managed services includes network security that is provided to small businesses as well as larger ones, and has many flexible security solutions for customers. Network security primarily offers protection against certain attacks such as malware attacks, data theft, viruses, spyware and other things that could cause an interruption to day-to-day activities.

For confident business continuity, it is recommended that all organizations have a standard continuity plan in place in case of a disaster that could affect company data. Such disasters can include hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, flood damage, software crashes, and many more. Most providers are able to apply policies to computers for the protection from those attacks. Policies are effective and efficient, and can be applied very fast. Most companies strive to offer customers the highest level of security and the best of all types of security.

How is Infinix better than hundreds of network managed services available? We are willing to go the extra mile for our customers, willing to transform and accelerate network operations, and lower costs. We also provide a flexible billing solution by offering a fixed monthly fee, which gives the client the benefit of predictable IT support costs. Moreover, we are a neutral party that offers the clients with a complete IT management solution while guaranteeing efficient operation and minimal downtime. We try and avoid additional cost for emergency on-site support.

Infinix has emerged as a complete managed services provider to small and medium sized businesses. Infinix offers enterprise-class proven technologies that have gained major recognition for their security, reliability and ease of use. Our proactive monitoring, change control management, strong IT support with no additional upfront hardware or software costs have made us trusted IT partners for many of our clients.


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